Nature is visible spirit, spirit is invisible Nature ~ Friedrich Schelling

Tree Nymphs and Tree-Hung Shamans
By comparative mythologist John Lamb Lash from his website

Two Ways of Knowing
Robin Wall Kimmerer on Scientific and Native American Views of the Natural World
by Leath Tonino  | The Sun Magazine, April 2016

Conserving Bumble Bees
Guidelines for Creating and Managing Habitat for America's Declining Pollinators
Rich Hatfield, Sarina Jepsen, Eric Mader, Scott Hoffman Black, and Matthew Shepherd

Natural Capitalism
By Paul Hawken | Mother Jones, March/April 1997

The Undiscovered Country
John Elder on the Wild Places Close to Home | by Leath Tonino
The Sun Magazine, June 2013

Gardening for Life
Douglas Tallamy, PhD